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There’s an old saying: “You learn something new every day.” I hope this is true; learning new things keeps our minds sharp, contributes to our personal growth and sometimes it can even be fun. Learning can also help us to connect with others as we share the knowledge we receive.

I’d like to share with all of you some new knowledge I acquired while brainstorming topics for this article.  In my research travels, I came across some fascinating information about recycling iPhones. Last week, the new iPhone 6 was unveiled. There were long lines all over the world full of people who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sizzling hot new gadget.

I just happened to be traveling last Friday and was seated next to someone who had just released her new gizmo from its packaging.  She was intensely engaged in learning all the new apps and functionality of the device. I must admit, it is pretty cool – sleek and LARGE. It got me thinking…as in many spheres, technology progresses forward, new replaces old and the cycle goes on and on like that.

Today, while getting caught up with my emails, I found one of my favorite bloggers in my inbox – Glenda at Glenda’s Assistive Technology Blog.  According to Glenda, you can give your old device back to Apple as part of their recycling program, which gets you a 10% discount on a new device or, potentially an Apple gift card if your old device still has monetary value!  Better yet, you could donate your old technology to a school or other organization that could really use it.  Like I said…you learn something new every day.  I know I did!  Glenda’s got more great tips and information about recycling, reusing and reviving iPhones and any other used mobile devices you may have but no longer use or need right here.


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