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Fire Prevention Week is 10/7/12 – 10/13/12.

Fires are frightening. Not only can you get burned but you can lose your life.  I know because fire has personally affected me. You see my first husband and son died because of injuries sustained in a fire many years ago.

Take a look at this: In 2010 in Camden County, NJ fire departments responded to 29,192 fires ( — that’s a lot of fires. Big or small fire is fire and someone can get hurt. There are a variety of ways to prevent fires and plan for escape in the event there is a fire. Here are three tips that address  fire prevention and fire escape.

1. Get Rid of the Lint – Clothes Dryers with plastic or foil accordion-type ducts can be replaced with metal ducts. Metal ducts won’t  sag and trap the lint. Remember though that you still have to clean the duct on a regular basis. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting system over 12,000 residential fires were caused by clothes dryers resulting in 15 deaths and 300 injuries annually.

2.Have an Escape Plan/Route – Remember when you were in school and there was a monthly fire drill. When the alarms sounded you knew to stop what you were doing and make your way to an assigned place to exit the building. Well, it’s the same at home. Take the time to meet with your family and plan 2 routes to escape in the event of a fire. For example, my husband and I have an escape plan for the upper part of our home and for the lower floors. We have also purchased a portable ladder that we keep at the window — just in case. We even practice the route of escape quarterly.

3. Have & Test Smoke Detectors – Studies show that when working smoke alarms are present, the chance of dying from the fire is cut in half. Smoke alarms have saved thousands of lives. The important action with Smoke Detectors is to test them and replace the batteries as needed.  A good reminder is when we change our clocks: Spring Forward and Fall Back = Check Smoke Detectors and Replace Batteries.

These are just three helpful tips to help you and your family with Fire Prevention. Take time to visit these helpful websites for additional ways to practice Fire Safety in your home or business:


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