Local University Conducts Research on Autism

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Welcome to the Erick’s Place Wednesday Share.  As the founders of Erick’s Place, Sabrina and I (Rosy) look forward to sharing information and resources that will assist and enrich the day-to-day lives of Special Needs Children, their parents/caregivers, families and friends that help.

This week, we came across an article in the South Jersey Journal September 2014 issue titled: “Rowan prof. researches parents’ impact on their children with Autism”. Following is a summary of the article along with contact information.

According to Autism Speaks, about 1 in 88 American children are on the Autism Spectrum – 10 times as many as 40 years ago. Dr. Marylouise Kerwin and her investigating partner Dr. Michelle Soreth are the lead in a two-year study on parents’ impact on their children with Autism.  They are the recipients of a $394,200.00 two-year grant from the New Jersey Governor’s Council for Medical Research and treatment of Autism.

“Parents of young children with Autism have enormous needs.” Kerwin says. “The crux of our research is to teach them how to implement effective strategies to improve their child’s functioning.  We know that early intensive intervention is essential.  The results of this study may maximize this critical window of opportunity.”

Their study, which spans six months, is on a rolling admission basis for the families.  Participants are compensated for their time and effort related to periodic assessments conducted at Rowan University.  Dr. Kerwin and her team are actively recruiting children two to six years of age with Autism. Those interested may call (856) 256-4846 or click here for more information.



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