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There’s a whole lot of buzz around this new app Scholly. Christopher Gray, a student at Drexel University appeared on Shark Tank making his investor pitch and yes he got it. The end of this episode of Shark Tank was pretty heated; with some individuals walking off the set.

As this app will show there are tons of scholarships available. I personally know about organizations that experience challenges in awarding their scholarships, perhaps this app will help to reduce their dilemma.

Scholarships are a big deal at Erick’s Place too. We have been fortunate enough to award over $5 thousand dollars in scholarships.  Mr. Gray and the Scholly Team were smart enough to create this amazing app that is quite helpful.  Yes I have downloaded the Scholly App  myself and had to share it with you. Now if you know of a high school student seeking scholarships I strongly recommend you share this app with them.   For 99 cents (on iPhone) this app will help you research and find the scholarships available based on major, state, etc.  Great job Mr. Christopher Gray and thank you!


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