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Why Forgiveness Is Not Easy

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This is an incredibly difficult month for me. October. This is the month when a fire, started by negligent individuals, caused the death of my then husband, and later my son.

Many years have passed and the pain is not as severe but it lingers. Today, while listening to the Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM Urban View, Karen shared that Rae Carruth was released from prison today. Rae Carruth, the football player who conspired to kill his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child. I remembered a little bit about the story and was happy that Karen Hunter shared a link tothis powerful article on forgiveness.

I read it and it shook me to my core.  Forgiveness is not easy. I too am one of those people who had to learn to forgive knowing that God forgives over and over and over again. Please read the article in it’s entirety. Perhaps you too will learn that we forgive to release ourselves from a prison that could destroy our very existence.


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Why We Do What We Do

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As you may know, my son, Erick, passed away at the age of three. He was a medically fragile child with Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation, a feeding disorder (which required a surgically implanted feeding tube) and a tracheotomy to facilitate his breathing. This meant he needed 24/7 care.

For many years I prayed to know: Why did God keep me here? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? Well, prayers DO get answered.  In 2006, I figured out my life’s purpose. I found my WHY. In September of that year, my husband, Rosy, and I established The Erick J. Umstead Memorial Foundation, now dba Erick’s Place.  We wanted to head up a (501c3) charitable foundation in memory of Erick with the following mission: To provide financial assistance to families and children who are medically fragile.  (more…)