I’m Not Over It!

i May 8th 7 Comments by

Brightly colored displays announcing “Mother’s Day” are everywhere. Restaurants are promoting mouthwatering edible delights; last year (2014) 31% of adults bought flowers or plants as Mother’s Day gifts. 120 million cards are given and National Jeweler boasts Americans are expected to spend a total of $4.3 billion on jewelry for Mother’s Day — talk about cha-ching!

Well, this is my 22nd year as a mother missing her son, and my 11th year as a daughter missing her mother and it’s still difficult for me to physically enter a retail establishment, check email and read any magazine or newspaper with all the advertising focused on Mother’s Day. My way-back machine takes me to experiences long ago, wondering what we would be doing today to prepare for Mother’s Day. I get heart tugs and tears flow freely when I purchase celebratory greeting cards for my aunts, nieces, cousins and girlfriends – most with children living and breathing. Tears are flowing now as I write this. Listening to all the excited chatter and activities associated with Mother’s Day is still a hard and bitter pill to swallow. (more…)