College $ App

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There’s a whole lot of buzz around this new app Scholly. Christopher Gray, a student at Drexel University appeared on Shark Tank making his investor pitch and yes he got it. The end of this episode of Shark Tank was pretty heated; with some individuals walking off the set.

As this app will show there are tons of scholarships available. I personally know about organizations that experience challenges in awarding their scholarships, perhaps this app will help to reduce their dilemma. (more…)

Local University Conducts Research on Autism

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Welcome to the Erick’s Place Wednesday Share.  As the founders of Erick’s Place, Sabrina and I (Rosy) look forward to sharing information and resources that will assist and enrich the day-to-day lives of Special Needs Children, their parents/caregivers, families and friends that help.

This week, we came across an article in the South Jersey Journal September 2014 issue titled: “Rowan prof. researches parents’ impact on their children with Autism”. Following is a summary of the article along with contact information. (more…)


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Fire Prevention Week is 10/7/12 – 10/13/12.

Fires are frightening. Not only can you get burned but you can lose your life.  I know because fire has personally affected me. You see my first husband and son died because of injuries sustained in a fire many years ago.

Take a look at this: In 2010 in Camden County, NJ fire departments responded to 29,192 fires (http://www.state.nj.us/dca/divisions/dfs/) — that’s a lot of fires. Big or small fire is fire and someone can get hurt. There are a variety of ways to prevent fires and plan for escape in the event there is a fire. Here are three tips that address  fire prevention and fire escape. (more…)

Hi, My Name is Jack

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While my son was hospitalized, a book like this would have been a welcome resource, particularly when my very young nieces had a host of questions about their cousin: Why is Erick in the hospital again?  Is Erick going to be okay? Are the doctors going to give Erick a needle?  Undoubtedly, siblings will have similar questions and this book is a helpful resource. Thanks, Christine Beall-Sullivan, for sharing your insight and experiences with all of us through Jack’s eyes!

Help! I Need Somebody!!

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Resources, Information, Help!  That’s what I searched for far and wide after my son Erick was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation (in 1989), and Developmental Delays. The Internet was just evolving then, so I had word-of-mouth and medical professionals.  I’m thankful for the resources I learned about thanks to a great Pediatrician and Social Worker at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Having help to navigate through what sometimes seemed like a massive ball of confusion greatly benefited me in securing the services it took to enhance Erick’s life.

Fast forward twenty five years, and today’s technology affords parents access to a wide range of resources. One such resource is My Child Without Limits, which operates under the UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) umbrella. Of course, there are blogs like this one and Terri Mauro’s Newsletter at About Parenting > Children with Special Needs that offer words of encouragement and parenting advice, as well as this beautiful poem she wrote:

You Are Blessed
It may feel more like a curse sometimes, but having a child with special needs brings with it abundant opportunities for grace. It slows you down and allows you to enjoy the little things — a calm quiet day, a hard-won skill, a spontaneous hug, a pleasant conversation. Where other parents are driven to find their children’s success in high grades and high scores on the playing field, you are granted the privilege of focusing on the things that really matter, teaching your children how to love and care and communicate on the most basic level. You know what’s important, and because you’re not caught up in trivialities you are able to appreciate that so much more deeply. Miracles happen every day, if you only know where to look for them.

What is the most helpful resource you have come across for your special needs child?