Recycle, Reuse, Revive

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There’s an old saying: “You learn something new every day.” I hope this is true; learning new things keeps our minds sharp, contributes to our personal growth and sometimes it can even be fun. Learning can also help us to connect with others as we share the knowledge we receive.

I’d like to share with all of you some new knowledge I acquired while brainstorming topics for this article.  In my research travels, I came across some fascinating information about recycling iPhones. Last week, the new iPhone 6 was unveiled. There were long lines all over the world full of people who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the sizzling hot new gadget. (more…)

Local University Conducts Research on Autism

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Welcome to the Erick’s Place Wednesday Share.  As the founders of Erick’s Place, Sabrina and I (Rosy) look forward to sharing information and resources that will assist and enrich the day-to-day lives of Special Needs Children, their parents/caregivers, families and friends that help.

This week, we came across an article in the South Jersey Journal September 2014 issue titled: “Rowan prof. researches parents’ impact on their children with Autism”. Following is a summary of the article along with contact information. (more…)

Why We Do What We Do

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As you may know, my son, Erick, passed away at the age of three. He was a medically fragile child with Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation, a feeding disorder (which required a surgically implanted feeding tube) and a tracheotomy to facilitate his breathing. This meant he needed 24/7 care.

For many years I prayed to know: Why did God keep me here? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? Well, prayers DO get answered.  In 2006, I figured out my life’s purpose. I found my WHY. In September of that year, my husband, Rosy, and I established The Erick J. Umstead Memorial Foundation, now dba Erick’s Place.  We wanted to head up a (501c3) charitable foundation in memory of Erick with the following mission: To provide financial assistance to families and children who are medically fragile.  (more…)

2013: Another Year of Fabulous

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Here at Erick’s Place, we are all about an “attitude of gratitude”.  We are so grateful that, with your help, we had the opportunity to accomplish all this in 2013:

  • Distributed over 1200 sets of brand new pajamas to Cooper Hospital, Camden, NJ and Inspira Healthcare Network, Vineland, NJ. This brings our total donations to over 3000 sets!  We look forward to hitting our goal of 5000 in 2014!!
  • Received Black History Month, Outstanding Community Service and Citation recognition from Gloucester Township Mayor and Council
  • Named to SoJo Happening List 2013 for Best Charity
  • Provided 3 grants to families in partnership with Healing the Children New Jersey for families with special needs children
  • Awarded 1 scholarship via the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Scholarship Ministry
  • Spread our message through speaking engagements at the Kiwanis Club, Moorestown Rotary Club, White Horse Rotary Club and Cherry Hill Rotary Club
  • Forged new partnerships with CB Kids, HTCNJ (Healing the Children – New Jersey), Pittsburgh PA Pioneers and National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc.
  • Nurtured continuing partnerships with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.: New Jersey Garden City Alumnae Chapter, Penick Chiropractic, Allstate Employees: Mount Laurel NJ, Chapman’s Champions from Mary Kay Cosmetics and Holly Sanborn: Thirty-One Independent Director

To our fabulous family, friends and people we have never met whose monetary donations and prayers help Erick’s Place to grow – THANK YOU FOR MAKING ALL THIS POSSIBLE!



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Fire Prevention Week is 10/7/12 – 10/13/12.

Fires are frightening. Not only can you get burned but you can lose your life.  I know because fire has personally affected me. You see my first husband and son died because of injuries sustained in a fire many years ago.

Take a look at this: In 2010 in Camden County, NJ fire departments responded to 29,192 fires ( — that’s a lot of fires. Big or small fire is fire and someone can get hurt. There are a variety of ways to prevent fires and plan for escape in the event there is a fire. Here are three tips that address  fire prevention and fire escape. (more…)